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With over 30 years of experience with importing exotic fruit and vegetables, Amar Import & Export is now preferred supplier for supermarkets, restaurants and wholesalers in the Netherlands, the Benelux, Germany and the UK.

Wide variety of exotic fruit and vegetables

Our assortment of exotics has been put together with the feedback of our European customers: a complete selection of fruit and vegetables including yams, plantain, butternut squash, pumpkin, sweet potato, okra and all of the popular items from Suriname, the Dominican Republic and Thailand. Browse the selection below to see what we offer.

Import Suriname

Import Dominican Republic

Import Thailand


18 Bakbanaan Groenkopie

Plantain (Green)

19 Bakbanaan Geelkopie

Plantain (Yellow)

20 Cassavakopie


21 Eddoes Exotenkopie 1


22Gember exotenkopie 1


23 Knoflook Exotenkopie


24 limes kopie


25 Pompoen kopie


26 Flespompoenkopie

Butternut squash

27 Zoete aardappel witkopie

Sweet potato (White)

28 Zoete Aardappel Rood kopie

Sweet potato (Red)

29 Yams kopie 1


30 Jonge Kokosnootkopie

Young coconut

31 Gardenegg kopie

Garden Egg

32 Okrakopie 1


33 Rawit Groenkopie

Rawit (Green)

34 Rawit Roodkopie 1

Rawit (Red)

35 Lombok Spanish Peperkopie

Lombok (Spanish) pepper

Droge Kokos

Dry coconut

Consistently fresh

We understand the importance of a consistent supply of fresh, flavourful vegetables for our customers. The long-standing relationships we have built with local partners in Suriname, Dominican Republic and Thailand make this possible. New shipments arrive 2 to 3 times a week.

Amar Import & Export and its partners are committed to delivering high quality and authentic taste. When it comes to fresh vegetables, shipment can be a challenge that requires proper handling and preparation. The various types of fruit and vegetables are packaged carefully into the crates to ensure that all items arrive in excellent condition.

Did you know

When it comes to importing fresh foods from exotic countries, December is our busiest month of the year: every week we import about 10,000 kg of fruit and vegetables!

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