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Amar Import & Export is the preferred supplier for many supermarkets, restaurants, embassies and other wholesalers when it comes to exotic fruit and vegetables and specialty products. All of our items are in stock, so you can always count on having the ingredients you need when you need them. Also, we’re committed to providing a reliable service, whether it is to fill your regular order or accommodate any special requests.

We specialise in African, Asian, Indian and Caribbean products with new shipments arriving on a weekly basis from countries around the world, including Thailand, India, the Dominican Republic and Suriname.

Our selection


You can choose from a wide selection of specialty products that includes all the supplies you might need.
With 1,200 m2 of floorspace and everything in stock in our warehouse, you can be confident that we always have the items on your shopping list.
The assortment at Amar Import & Export includes items in the following product categories.
Download this pdf for a total overview of our 2170+ items: Amar Import Articles

Convenient location

Amar Import & Export is easily accessible for shopping for just a few items or large orders. There is plenty of parking in the area and enough space to pull right up to the main entrance. Also, our greenhouse is just a few kilometres away, so we guarantee truly fresh fruit and vegetables from our Surinamese product range.

The Hague, The Netherlands

Our central location in The Hague in The Netherlands is ideal for transporting goods. We are situated right along major freeways and just 30 minutes away from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, and the Port of Rotterdam.

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