In 1980, Amar Import & Export acquired a greenhouse nearby to add fresh, locally-grown fruit and vegetables to our offering. We expanded the greenhouse to 40,000 m2 where we now cultivate Surinamese produce. With two homes on the property, our crops are cared for day and night. Being just a few kilometres away from our warehouse, the produce doesn’t get any fresher than this!

40,000 m2


Our Surinamese fruit and vegetables

Our range of Surinamese fruit and vegetables includes two types of Habanero peppers, as well as Taro leaf, clarion, morning glory and white eggplant.
Learn more about these exotic vegetables, such as their nutritional value and how they can be used in cooking:

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Modern horticultural farming

Over 25 years ago, we embraced modern horticultural farming. We are constantly developing the techniques we use, giving us much more control over the quality, quantity and price of the produce we supply. Throughout the years, we have perfected the conditions, from our fertiliser recipe, the temperature, the humidity and to our harvesting techniques. The result: consistently beautiful vegetation that is packed with nutrients and bursting with authentic flavour.

“With our own greenhouse and modern horticultural techniques, we can guarantee our customers a consistent supply of high-quality fruit and vegetables at affordable prices.”
~ Sandeep Singh

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